Have you ever wished that you could strum some classics around the campfire on a summer evening? Here is your chance to learn the basics in our Campfire Guitar 101 crash course. These group lessons (limited to 10 spots) will focus on what is required to play and sing your favourites. Two of our talented teachers will lead the group, expanding the chord and knowledge base each week until, by labour day weekend, each strummer will have a repertoire of campfire classics ranging from simple to intermediate. Every week the group will leave with new songs and new chords to work on. No experience necessary!

Reserve your spot now!

$140 for 6 weeks of instruction.

Wednesdays from 7:30 – 8:30pm

Starts July 18th, limited enrollment of 10 people.



Want the chance to play and record like a Rock Star? Join Blackboard Sound’s Rock Band Camp and make music with gear used by the pros. Students will spend time with a variety of instruments that go into making up a rock ensemble. They will have the opportunity to try their hand at singing, guitar, bass, keyboards, and drums. Bands and roles will be organized based on age and skill level. After songs are chosen, students will work with professional musicians and music teachers to learn the ins and outs of being in a band. Campers will learn how to perform songs as a group in both live and studio settings, develop listening skills, and appreciate team work as each instrument and musician comes together to make a record. Students will share a unique experience and learn the basics of recording technology while making a recording with their band in Blackboard Sound’s studio using professional recording equipment.

July 10-14
Ages 9-15



A morning filled with art and an afternoon of music making! What could be a better way to spend the day? This camp will keep all ages entertained. With craft and art projects students will be able to take home their creations at the end of camp, but not before using them to entertain parents with the Friday camp performance! Weather permitting, there will be a daily outdoor component. Perhaps the students will be seen around Coulter Parkette treating the neighbourhood to a kazoo, drum and shaker parade. 4pm pickup available upon request.

Aug 13-17
Ages 6-9