Daniel Slinger

Dan Slinger is the owner and operator of Blackboard Sound and also teaches bass guitar. Dan Slinger has been a devout student of music for most of his life. As a teenager he received his first guitar and that led to bass, college, a career as a professional musician, and six years of academia. However, before that, way back in the mythical 1980s, Dan had a Fisher-Price record player and his parent’s record collection. He would listen to many hits of the time as well as many classics of the 60s and 70s but it was always the songwriting and the layers that piqued his interest. First it was Michael Jackson’s Thriller. Then it was the Beach Boys and, finally, The Beatles. Shortly thereafter Dan received a tape player and fell in love with Rap music.

Later, when he started to play music, Dan would realize that his favourite music from the time he was a child all had one thing in common, notable and creative production. From Quincy Jones, to Brian Wilson and George Martin, to Rick Ruben, it was as much the producers, as much as the artists, that made his experience of listening to music what it was.

As a teenager, Dan invested in a Tascam tape cassette 4-track recorder. The technology was limited but it was a start. After moving to Toronto in 2000, for a year of dedicated training on bass guitar, Dan returned to London and rejoined the independent music community. Here he honed his vocal and guitar skills as a solo performer. In the following years he worked as a studio bassist with a variety of ensembles. He performed with Jazz and Country ensembles, and worked with Reggae artists such as Neville Roots and Juno award winner, Errol Blackwood. In 2003 Dan played bass and sang harmony for popular Celtic-Rock outfit, Caution Donkeys, with whom he traveled to the Chicago Celtic Festival.

As part of the Ontario scene, Dan Slinger has also had the opportunity to perform with Serena Ryder, and members of Crush, The Gandharvas, The Mahones, Blue Rodeo, Great Big Sea, and The Beauties.

In 2006 Dan Returned to School to study both the academic and practical side of popular music. This time the practical elements would focus on theory, songwriting, recording, and production. In 2010 He received his BA with a double major in English and Popular Music Studies. With a rejuvenated love for audio production, Dan decided to focus another two years of academic work into the field. The result was a MA in popular music and culture and an education podcast for home and project recordists about project studio acoustics and design entitled Altered Spaces: a Podcast for the Sonic Enhancements of Recording Environments in Project Studios.

It had always been a dream of Dan’s to own and operate a music store and lesson studio. When the opportunity arose in May of 2015, he set in motion everything necessary to open up Blackboard Sound five months later. Dan’s family has roots in Bruce county dating back more than 150 years. When it came time to choose a location, Port Elgin was his first choice. Saugeen Shores’ and Bruce County’s sense of community and passion for the arts made it his only choice. The opening of Blackboard Sound on September 5, 2015 was the culmination of Dan’s experience and education. It is now his goal to give back to the community that has made him feel so welcome.

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